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                 Women's Health Services (Including FREE Pregnancy Testing and Family Planning)

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TB TestingSPECIAL $25 (until Aug 29, 2014)

FREE STD Testing

FREE Condoms

Preventive Health Care

Health Education

Diabetes Program

MediCal, Covered California, Medicare and Calfresh Sign Ups

*For qualifying children

Vista Community Health Center

14117 Hubbard Street Ste M Sylmar CA 91342 US

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Vista Community Health Center is a non-profit health care center that relies on grants and generous support from donors, in order to provide high quality health care services to our community. Please DONATE  today.

WELCOME to Vista Community Health Center  (VCHC). WE CARE about our patients and your health is our primary goal. VCHC is a family practice health care facility that provides a wide range of health care services. For your convenience, we offer low to no cost health care and accept Medi-Cal, Medicare and most other insurance plans. We also provide help with sign ups for Medi-Cal, Medicare, Covered California and Calfresh programs. Call us TODAY to schedule your appointment, we look forward to seeing you! HABLAMOS ESPANOL

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Notes from the CEO

Good health

“Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have.” ― Winston Churchill 

​When you are young and full of vim and vitality, the idea of illness seems so remote and foreign. Even when we may have a friend or loved one who has experienced faltering health, we sympathize and hurt emotionally for them. However, we seldom can relate the pain to ourselves. We plan for educations, weddings, vacations and even retirement accounts. But we do not plan for good health. 

​In order to change our mindset about good physical, mental and psychological health we must first think of health as a goal to achieve and maintain rather than fix because it is broken. Sadly, enough we learn this after we begin to have health problems. Good health must be planned and safeguarded. Many a lifelong back ailment could probable be avoided if better attention was placed on protection and prevention rather than the youthful attitude that we could not have a problem, it cannot happen to me. Much of the issues with obesity could be avoided if active vigilance was maintained to eat and make healthy food choices, to eat a balance meal, and to not skip meals because we are too busy with other things.

​​It is our goal to promote, enhance, teach, support and encourage optimum health.  We aim to help you fix what is broken if at all possible, but more so encourage you to make the most of what you have and make it the best that it can be.

Cheers to good health!

​~Delina Johnson

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